Stimulation & Noise Phobias for iCalmCat (2-Micro Card Set)

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Sonic Catnip for Kitty!

From soft and slow to fun and fast, the soundtracks on the Stimulation micro SD sound card for iCalmCat provide a high- frequency diet, adjusted to a cat’s ability to hear three times higher than humans. Each sequence is timed for 10-minute play sessions with Kitty’s favorite 2-legged friend, hopefully that be you.

Instrumentation of these re-arranged classical tunes include piano, flute, and cello. Oh, and it’s sonic caffeine for peeps too. You and Kitty might just be kickin’ up your heels together before you know it. Go grab your dance partner and play… a vitally important element for all domesticated kitty cats.

Noise Phobias is a sonic inoculation for Kitty, designed to help cats who are fearful of common household and outdoor sounds.

No more resorting to pharmaceuticals when your kitten or adult cat stops eating during your home remodel or leaves unwanted piles when friends visit. Now you have a humane way to help noise-phobic Kitty. But, that’s not all. Noise Phobias also helps prevent noise phobia from ever developing.



iCalmCat Stimulation micro sd sound card is fun, fun, fun! It’s good for your kitty, and good for you, too.

iCalmCat Noise Phobias micro sd sound card is designed to accustom and acclimate Kitty to common household and outdoor sounds.

Now you have a Sonic Catnip combined with a Sonic Inoculation in one discounted package!

Repeated playing of Noise Phobias will gently introduce Kitty to common noises. Intermixed with bio-acoustically designed classical piano arrangements, these sound effects will accustom and acclimate your cat to common household and outdoor sounds. The 1-hour of soundtrack comes on a Micro SD sound card that plays (on auto-repeat if left unattended) on Kitty’s iCalmCat.

Household/ outdoor sound effects include:

• Visitors
• Fireworks
• Laundry/dishwashers
• Thunderstorms
• Renovation
• Traffic

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × .25 in


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