iCalmCat Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Purrfect for a sensitive nervous system.


Bluetooth 5.3
Wireless Technology

DUAL 5W Speakers

IPX7* waterproof

+/- 10-25 Hours of Playtime

(depending on volume)

Supports 32 GB Memory Card

* Able to withstand splashes and be fully submerged in water at a depth of 3.28 feet for 30 minutes

Ruff ‘n Ready Packages for Cats

Speakers available for U.S. shipping only

Attention international customers: When ordering from iCalmPet.com, physical goods (e.g., speaker packages, CDs, Micro SD Cards, Books, etc.) are available within the USA only. For international destinations, please see our Amazon store as a possible solution. Downloads and streaming are available everywhere.

Additional iCalmCat sound cards target specific behaviors

Calming is included with every iCalmCat. However, some indoor cats would also benefit from more activity. Stimulation provides fun music tracks to inspire playtime with kitty and the 2-leggeds. Noise Phobia helps Kitty calm and settle to indoor and outdoor sounds. Simply swap sound cards in your player.



Noise Phobias

All of the kitties in my care just love it. They are always curious, move towards it, and just curl up to the soothing sounds. It’s like I bring them a soothing sonic pill.

– D. Ensey