Streaming Through a Dog’s Ear & Through a Cat’s Ear

Available titles to stream:

iCalmDog Calm Your Canine (4-hrs)
A Calm Variety (3-hrs)
iCalmDog Reggae (1-hr)
iCalmCat Calm Your Kitty (3-hrs)


Through a Dog's Ear, Calm Your Canine, 3-hrs dog calming music
Through a Dog's Ear, A Calm Variety, 3-hrs dog calming music music
Through a Dog's Ear Reggae dog calming music
Through a Cat's Ear, 3-hrs of Music for Calming cats


Listen on any device.

Bring Calming Pet Music with you wherever you have access to WiFi or cellular data.





Our tunes are a simple search away.

They can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other platforms by entering these keywords into the search function:

iCalmDog Reggae







Use your iCalm Speaker to stream via Bluetooth.

Pair your iCalm speaker with your Bluetooth-enabled device and listen to our digital albums on your player. No Micro SD cards necessary.
à la carte speaker sold separately






Beware poor imitators:

The meticulous music of Through a Dog’s/Cat’s Ear is copied by very poor imitators. They’ve borrowed our names, arrangements, compositions, and bioacoustic theories. To not subject your BFF to hours of poorly-executed electronic music – pretending to be us – make sure you enter these exact titles and look for these exact album covers.




Stream all day long.

This is a great feature that allows any playlist to repeat automatically. Therefore, our Calm Your Canine music soundtrack will run in 4-hr segments and automatically keep playing until you turn it off. To enable this function, look for this icon at either top or bottom of the page, and press it to turn it on. When you stream iCalm music (dog and cat programs are different), it allows you to have a continuous play for infinite hours – until you turn it off. You are assured that your pet will hear our music continuously while you are at home or away.


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