Instructions for 4.0 Player

Instructions for iCalmPet 4.0 Speaker

iCalm 4.0 Features

Continuous play (automatic looping of micro SD sound card as long as player has a charge)
– All iCalmPet micro SD sound cards are interchangeable (Dog, Cat, and People titles play on all 4.0 models)
Bluetooth-ready (see Control Set below for pairing instructions)

How to use the 4.0 Player

Here you will find technical information about the 4.0 model, as identified by label affixed to the player, to the right of the charging port.
If you do not find answers here, please feel free to email our Customer Support team ( with your questions about iCalmPet products. We are unable to advise on products and services not directly affiliated with iCalmPet.


The Control set is located on the bottom of player.

Buttons are activated with a SHORT PRESS [one second]
or a LONG PRESS [three seconds].

Top Light
Colors denote various functions, as indicated below.




ON – Long press. Top light will appear.
(solid light indicates Sound Card mode, Flashing indicates Bluetooth mode)

PAUSE – Short press. Top light will remain solid.
(must be powered on for PAUSE feature to be activated)

OFF – Long press. Top light will go out.


SOUND CARD – Short press.
Steady violet light.

BLUETOOTH – Short press.
Blinking blue light; waiting to pair.
Steady blue light; connected.


INCREASE VOLUME – Long press right button (+)

DECREASE VOLUME – Long press left button (-)


NEXT TRACK – Short press right button (+)

PREVIOUS TRACK – Short press left button (-)



INSERT – With title (printed initials) and gold bars facing UP, gently insert micro SD sound card into sound card slot and press with finger/thumb nail to lock into place.

EJECT – To remove, press and release edge of sound card with finger/thumb nail.


– To charge the player, insert small end of charging cord into the power port and insert the larger end (USB) of the charging cord into wall adapter or other USB power port. Top red light will display when successful connection is made.
– Charge the player until top red light goes out (45 minutes to 3 hours for full charge).
– Note: keeping player connected to a power source for extended periods may degrade lithium-ion battery life.


I can’t get my player to turn on!

Don’t panic! Try the following:
Press and hold the power button for THREE seconds. This is a “long press” – see Control Set and instructions above.

If your player still won’t turn on, please contact us. We’ll need you to provide your original order number and will go from there – our 1-year technical warranty covers players purchased within the past calendar year.

My player has stopped charging

If your player was purchased within the last year, it could be a faulty wall adapter.
Please try the following steps:
– Unplug charging cord from wall adapter and plug USB end into a known working power source, such as a computer or a different wall adapter you know to be working.
– Check for top red light indicating power/charging – If you see that there is power via the alternate power source, please email us at to let us know you have a faulty power adapter. We will be more than happy to send you a new one, free of charge. Please include your original order number.
– If your player is still not receiving power/charge, please contact us ( with details of your findings and we’ll work with you to troubleshoot further or possibly send a replacement unit. Include your original order number.

The top light is flashing blue

If the top light is flashing blue, that means either the speaker is attempting to pair to Bluetooth (simply short-press the “M” mode button to return player to micro SD sound card mode, OR the player is not finding a sound card inserted in sound card slot (try ejecting and re-inserting if sound card is present).

Bluetooth mode gets stuck

If the 4.0 Bluetooth mode seems to lock up and will not pair or mode-change back to SD function, you can reset the unit by holding the on/off button for twenty seconds. Afterwards, turn unit back on, go to BT mode (blue light flashing) and pair with your master device.

How do I insert the micro SD sound card, and how do I know it’s in?

To insert the micro SD sound card into player, make sure the title/printed letters or numbers are face up (gold plating will also be facing up).
Press sound card into the slot until it clicks/locks into place. You may need to use the edge of your thumb or finger nail. You’ll know the sound card is inserted when the sound card stays flush with the player base and the speaker begins playing the music (when in Sound Card Mode).

How do I eject the micro SD sound card?

To take the sound card out, click the edge of the sound card with thumb or finger nail. It should pop out, and is quite small. Be mindful of surroundings when ejecting sound card, as it may easily become lost.