Lithium-Ion Battery Tips

How to get the most life out of your iCalmPet Speaker

Rechargeable batteries are in almost all of the consumer electronics we use on a daily basis – cell phones, laptops, and of course, speakers. Did you know that these devices, including the iCalmPet players use lithium-ion batteries? Lithium-ion (or li-ion for short) are a type of rechargeable battery that works when lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. This just means that these tiny batteries pack a lot of power and can be recharged, rather than thrown away after a single use, which is why they’re perfect for devices like cell-phones and speakers.

So, how do you get the most life out of the battery?

Most lithium-ion batteries have a life of 300-500 charges before the battery begins to degrade, yielding an average lifespan of three years.

To get the most life out of your speaker, it is best to charge the speaker as soon as the red light comes on, and to unplug it from the charger as soon as you notice when the red light is off. This can take anywhere from 30-minutes to three hours.

The speaker will play for approximately 8-10 hours on auto-repeat at a full charge.

Can I leave it charging all the time?

You can leave it plugged in, but we recommend that you do not for two very important reasons.

  1.     Leaving your speaker plugged in for long periods of time unattended may present safety risks. These batteries pack a lot of power and when they stay on a charger for a long time, they may become hot. Heat and electricity aren’t a very good combination. So, in most instances it can be completely safe to leave it plugged in all the time, but to be completely safe, we recommend you do not leave your speaker plugged in all the time.
  2.     The second reason we recommend to not leave it plugged in all the time is because of the heat that can emanate from charging the battery for too long. Ever notice your smart phone is hot when it’s been on the charger for a long time? It’s because the battery is doing so much work recharging. Heat can degrade battery life too.

We also recommend only charging your speaker under supervision. This doesn’t mean you have to watch the speaker while it charges, but again, for extra security, charge it while you are home and able to keep an eye on it.

How else do I maintain it?

The key things are really to just make sure to care for the battery by charging it before it is completely dead and making sure that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Other than that, just make sure that it stays in a dry place (and not in Buster’s mouth).

Recycling old speakers (and other devices using li-ion batteries)

It’s very important to recycle old devices that no longer work and contain li-ion batteries

When jostled roughly and exposed to extreme heat and pressure (for example, in the back of a trash truck in summer) lithium-ion batteries have been known to spark and cause fires. Most hardware and electronic stores will recycle li-ion batteries, such as Home Depot. Think of portable speakers like your mobile phone. Almost all cell-phones these days use li-ion batteries. Every few years, you have to replace your cell phone (mostly because of a worn-out battery) and, hopefully, recycle the old one. Check with your local landfill to find where you can recycle your old speakers. An excellent resource to use for finding local places that recycle li-ion batteries is If all else fails, you can ship your old iCalmPet speakers back to us, and we will recycle them for you. Please specify.

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