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Together All the Time: At Home with Pets During Covid-19 August 20, 2020 - On July 21st of this Covid year, we sent these questions to our iCalmPet email list.  We asked for feedback on our iCalm Gift Downloads Program, which we started as a response to Covid, and their experiences of it in quarantine. We were curious what it was like for people… ... Keep reading >
Keeping Your Dog Occupied at Home During Quarantine April 27, 2020 - (Guest post written by Mike Cahill, originally published at At this point, the majority of us have begun to feel the side effects of being stuck inside our homes during the quarantine. Whether it be boredom, fatigue, or just an overall lack of energy, at least we can understand… ... Keep reading >
Hearing Loss in Dogs 2020 [Causes + Solutions] March 8, 2020 - Your Complete Guide to Managing Their Hearing Loss: In this article, we'll explore all the causes of hearing loss in dogs, from most common to least, ending with solutions for the best care. Navigation: Age-related hearing loss Exposure to loud noise Stuck object Potential injury  Inflammation Harmful drugs Tumor-related Solutions… ... Keep reading >
Separation Anxiety And Your Dog: The Complete Guide February 22, 2020 - It’s that time of year again… the kids are going back to school after an action packed summer. It’s been fun for the children, and Buster has been so happy with the extra attention and playtime. Then one day, his world changes. The house is empty and he’s left home… ... Keep reading >
iCalmDog Reggae: 29 Surveyed Customers Transformed Our Belief January 29, 2020 - We knew iCD Reggae would work––it’s based on the same scientific and bioacoustic principles as our time tested classical music––we just didn’t know exactly how it would bring calm. It’s mostly drums and bass guitar for heaven's sake! So we sent out a survey to 29 random customers to learn how it was working… ... Keep reading >
How to Tune Your Home Environment: Through a Dog’s Ear Discussions October 30, 2019 - I started reading the book, Through a Dog’s Ear, soon after starting to work at iCalmPet. Even though the book was published in 2008, I found there was just too much fascinating and relevant information to keep locked up on the shelves! So in collaboration with the author and our… ... Keep reading >
Audio Books for Dogs… Calming or Confusing? January 17, 2018 - I'd share almost anything with my soul dog, Gina... my bed (by invitation), my food (when it's good for her), my music, and so much more. But, my Audible subscription? Nope! I REALLY LOVE Audible...  for me. My reading habits have changed over the years, and now I listen to… ... Keep reading >
Case Study: iCalmDog Music Stopped Barking Dog in Under 20 Seconds! November 11, 2016 - The barking Border Collie in our crating area at Cynosport World Agility Games was driving me (and everyone around me) crazy. So, I asked the BC's handler if I could bring over my iCalmDog 3.0 to see if the clinically tested music reduced his barking. I have to admit, Nim's… ... Keep reading >
Deepening the Human-Animal Bond Through Music November 6, 2016 - Sanchez and Gina lay by the piano every time I practice my concert repertoire. And, other times, I play music especially designed for dogs for them. There have been some very tender times involving music. But, a shared music experience with Gina in 2013 was one of the most connecting… ... Keep reading >
Can Music Really Heal Your Dog? November 4, 2016 - Four years ago, Sanchez was experiencing intense neck pain. My holistic veterinarian doesn't have x-ray machines, so I took him to a neighboring clinic that does. I was told he would need to be sedated unless he could lay completely still on his back for the x-ray. Not only was… ... Keep reading >
Dogs and 4th of July Fireworks: How to Calm + How to Solve June 14, 2016 - July 4th is quickly approaching. It can be a fun holiday for children and adults, but most dogs don't share their enthusiasm. In fact, almost all people with dogs in the U.S. declare this day the worst day of the year for their dogs. Veterinarians say July 3rd is usually… ... Keep reading >
Do You Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday or Gotcha Day? June 7, 2016 - According to a study by the Purina Pet Institute, 43 percent of dog owners celebrate birthdays, while 29 percent celebrate their cat’s birthdays. And, according to Nationwide Pet Insurance, $50 billion a year is spent on gifts for our pets. Wow! In contrast, an article in Psychology Today by Stanley… ... Keep reading >
8 Steps to Enriching Your Senior Dog’s Life May 18, 2016 - I can hardly believe that my yellow Labrador, Sanchez, is now 13 years old. I count my blessings that he is in good health and still enjoys our twice daily walks. But, I’m also aware that he can’t keep up to his activity level from even a year ago, let… ... Keep reading >
5 Stress Busting Tips for Dogs During The Holidays (with video) December 10, 2015 - December is my most stressful month of the year, and I’m not even much of a holiday shopper. Regardless, traffic intensifies, crowds expand, my workload increases, and my patience decreases. The holiday season can be equally—if not more—stressful for our dogs. In addition to feeling the stress of their humans,… ... Keep reading >
Costumes For Dogs: Yea or Nay? October 31, 2015 - In recent years, pets have become part of our families. There is a wealth of good information readily available about their health and behaviors, they often sleep with us, we take them on our vacations and we might even call ourselves pet parents. But, unlike our human children, they don’t… ... Keep reading >
How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Sound Sensitive? September 23, 2015 - As a musician with a discerning ear, I'm ultra sound sensitive. When I enter a restaurant, I make my decision to stay for a meal based as much on the sound environment as the menu and atmosphere. I've also been known to go into sensory overload in large crowds with… ... Keep reading >
5 Ways to Nurture Your Dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day August 10, 2015 - We bring dogs into our human world because we love them with our hearts and souls. We ask them to adjust. Some do, many can’t. As responsible pet parents, it’s up to us to provide ways to help make our crazy human world more manageable for them. Today is National… ... Keep reading >
6 Loving Ways To Comfort Your Senior Dog July 30, 2015 - Now that Sanchez is 12-years-old and showing signs of slowing down, I think often about ways to comfort him. While I'm very blessed that he is in good health, it's not unusual for senior dogs to lose memory, eyesight and experience hearing loss. Dogs also can experience some changes in… ... Keep reading >
Do Dogs Really See With Their Noses? April 16, 2015 - What would it be like to experience the world as a dog? You might hear things you don’t normally hear (dogs can hear almost double the frequency that humans can), and you might not see as clearly as you do in a human body (dogs see fewer colors and less… ... Keep reading >
5 Signs of a Responsible Dog Owner March 5, 2015 - Being a responsible pet parent may have many different definitions. But, it is more than just loving your dog and meeting his basic needs. Being responsible means learning how to understand the world from your dog’s point of view. Dogs speak a different language than people, and they are constantly… ... Keep reading >
All Dressed Up For The Holidays December 22, 2014 - Through a Dog's Ear Facebook fans recently shared these testimonials with photos of their dogs all dressed up for Christmas and Chanukah. Enjoy! ... Keep reading >
3 Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats November 13, 2014 - Your dog or cat may be curious about the pumpkins sitting on your front porch. Halloween is now in the past, and your pumpkin may be beautifully carved, but it might also be collecting bacteria. While it’s best they don’t eat that pumpkin, canned natural pumpkin (unsweetened – not pie… ... Keep reading >
5 Surprising Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Hearing September 11, 2014 - It’s extremely common for senior dogs to gradually lose their hearing, often until it’s completely diminished. However, there are many small changes we can make to our sound environment to help reduce their hearing loss. ... Keep reading >
Prozac for Pets Grows in Popularity, How Sad is That? August 22, 2014 - Animal pharmaceuticals are a booming business. Salon also reported that the pet pharmaceutical business has grown from $6.68 billion in 2011 to a projected $9.25 billion by 2015. Zoetis Inc., once a subsidiary of Pfizer, is at the top of the pharmaceutical chain, with yearly sales of Pfizer’s animal pharmaceuticals… ... Keep reading >
5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog in 33 Seconds June 11, 2014 - As well as I thought I knew my Labrador, Gina, she even surprised me recently during this recent run at an AKC agility trial. It never ceases to amaze me how much I continue to learn from my dogs. Here’s what Gina taught me in 33 seconds: ... Keep reading >
Using a Sonic Inventory to Reduce Stress April 29, 2014 - April was National Stress Awareness Month. As humans we have a multitude of choices regarding ways to reduce our overall stress level, including taking yoga classes, drinking green tea, meditating, keeping a gratitude journal, etc. But, how about our dogs? ... Keep reading >
Tips for Keeping Dogs Safe on Halloween October 31, 2013 - It can be very fun for children to dress up and pretend to be a different character. But, dogs don’t understand the concept and can be very fearful of people wearing masks and costumes. And the huge number of children ringing the doorbell and yelling “Trick or Treat” can cause… ... Keep reading >
High Tech Gadgets for Pets (Win an iCalmDog) July 26, 2013 - The technology age may have been created by humans, but why shouldn’t pets also benefit? After all, Buster’s iPawd may relieve his canine anxiety issues, and Fluffy’s litter box could actually save her life. 4 High-Tech Gadgets for Pets: ... Keep reading >
Do NOT Play This at Home For Your Dogs March 27, 2013 - While I record music specially designed for dogs, Sanchez and Gina experience the full range of my concert repertoire. In addition to the slowed down, simplified classical arrangements on the Through a Dog's Ear recordings, I am often practicing music that is loud, fast, and lively. Keep in mind... ... Keep reading >
Free Irish Reel Download on St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2013 - I'm not Irish, and I don't have an Irish Setter, but I know enough about St. Patrick's Day to know that lively music is more appropriate for this holiday than the calming music of Through a Dog's Ear. Well, you are in luck! ... Keep reading >
Nightly Rituals with Dogs February 21, 2013 - Truth be told, I am a late night owl and Sanchez and Gina aren't. They usually go to sleep hours before me. By the time I retire, I listen to Through a Dog's Ear music to help me fall asleep, not them. ... Keep reading >
Dog Mounting: Is It About Sex? February 8, 2013 - Humping behavior in dogs is often anthropomorphized and misunderstood. It may look like sex to humans, but unless it’s an intact male that is mounting a female dog in heat, it’s usually about dominance behavior and/or stress, not sex. ... Keep reading >
10 Dog Training Tips January 19, 2013 - January is National Train your Dog Month. My readers know that I’m an advocate of humane, positive, science based dog training. Every Tuesday on the Through a Dog’s Ear Facebook page is called “Training Tip Tuesday”. I ask fans and training experts to chime in with their training tips. Here… ... Keep reading >
Homemade Dog Treats for Holiday Gifts (with recipes) December 22, 2012 - I rarely make cookies for humans, so it was quite unusual for me to make treats for my dogs, Sanchez and Gina. But, I received this recipe for “Pumpkin Squeaks” Dog Treats from at Barkworld, and it looked so easy that I gave it a try. Now, I can’t… ... Keep reading >
Healing with Holistic Veterinary Care December 20, 2012 - Sanchez had been having neck problems for a few months. When I first noticed the problem, the symptoms were acute, appeared very suddenly after little activity, and were very worrisome. At the worst flare-up one weekend... ... Keep reading >
Jumping Through Hoops for Shelters and Rescues December 11, 2012 - Through a Dog’s Ear recently held our 3rd annual word game. The five day event involved participants unscrambling a daily word, while downloading a free music track from one of our recordings. The object of the game was to unscramble all five words, put them in a five word sentence,… ... Keep reading >
Tips to Calm Dogs During the Holiday Season December 8, 2012 - December is my most stressful month of the year, and I’m not even much of a holiday shopper (in fact, I make a commitment to not even enter a shopping mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas). But, regardless, traffic intensifies everywhere I drive, crowds expand wherever I go, my workload increases,… ... Keep reading >
The Story Behind Through a Dog’s Ear October 24, 2012 - Have you ever noticed that the best conversations happen around the kitchen table? Joshua Leeds and I were recently sitting at my kitchen table having lunch. We started reminiscing about how our meeting nearly 10 years ago inspired us to create Through a Dog's Ear. ... Keep reading >
Concerts for Dogs? Seriously? September 30, 2012 - Has my performing life gone to the dogs? You bet! I’m loving it, and dogs are barking for more! Combining my love of dogs with my music talent inspired the creation of Through a Dog’s Ear, music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system. Now, I’m combining my love… ... Keep reading >
Sound Therapy = Thunderstorm Remedy July 22, 2012 - It's thunderstorm season. While I've read that 20% of dogs are thunder-phobic, the number may actually be higher, as it doesn't include people who have never sought treatment for their thunder-phobic dogs. After all, who would have ever known that treatment could be as simple as sound therapy? Honestly, even… ... Keep reading >
Do you Celebrate your Dog’s Birthday? May 16, 2012 - I've always celebrated all of my dog's birthdays and remember them all to this day. No big birthday cake, but I always do something special to honor the occasion. It usually involves ... Keep reading >
Is Mother’s Day for Dog-Moms? May 13, 2012 - Mother’s Day is not the easiest of holidays for me. I have no human children and have never been called “mom.” No one has ever said, “Happy Mother’s Day mom, I love you!” But, can we be mothers to species other than humans? ... Keep reading >
A Day of Silence with Dogs March 11, 2012 - I am recovering from a sore throat and am giving my vocal chords a day of complete rest. Walks today have been speechless, including off-leash walks. In all honestly, there has been an occasional, dare I say it....... whisper. ... Keep reading >
Stress Busters for Pets, as Seen on Good Morning America January 25, 2012 - We live in a world of sensory overload. Human made sounds are constantly buzzing, beeping, dinging, and ringing. Each sound represents something that is calling our attention. And if we treat ourselves well, we have mechanisms for providing our bodies and souls with de-stressing techniques such as yoga, meditation, drinking… ... Keep reading >
The Dog Who Ate Santa December 25, 2011 - Gina is really a good dog. I'm sure she didn't purposely eat Santa. She just started chewing on him, and all of his padding must have just been too tempting. I love it that Gina goes nuts over tug toys. While it may appear that she is the villain in… ... Keep reading >
Advice from a Dog December 1, 2011 - After reading “Advice from a Dog” on a beautiful card by Ilan Shamir of Your True Nature, I started thinking about everything my dogs have taught me. I have two “career change” dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Sanchez is an 8-year-old Yellow Lab. If Sanchez had a tag… ... Keep reading >
The Creation of the Canine Noise Phobia Series October 27, 2011 - I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Stilwell in January 2011 at Clicker Expo. She had previously played Through a Dog's Ear music on It's Me or the Dog and it successfully helped the dogs get and stay calm. So I was eager ... ... Keep reading >
Keeping Dogs Safe in the Car August 26, 2011 - My dogs, Sanchez and Gina, can often be found riding in my car. I don't have a completely fenced in yard at home, so I opt for a lifestyle in which they are with me often. I work from home, so when I run local errands, they hop in the… ... Keep reading >
Unleash your Inner Dog July 26, 2011 - A few months back, I was asked by Camp Unleashed founder Annie Brody if I would consider being the local director of the first Camp Unleashed on the West Coast. I knew of Annie's work for years and of her passion to help provide a safe place in nature for… ... Keep reading >
Fireworks? What Fireworks? July 10, 2011 - “I put the CD in at around 9:00 knowing the fireworks would be starting around 9:30. So down the basement, with Music to Calm your Canine Volume 1 playing, it couldn’t have been better! Thank you, Thank you! Three great nights of togetherness with beatiful background music and no shaking.” ... Keep reading >