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Bundle two albums perfect for senior dogs and save!

Ease the sunset years of your beloved companion with beautiful music you’ll both enjoy.

It’s extremely common for senior dogs to lose memory, eyesight and hearing capability as they age. They often get restless and agitated at night, or spook at sounds that never used to cause a reaction before. The aging process reduces the tolerance for noise that senior dogs once had in their youth. It’s why they will often shut down in overstimulating environments. The solution? Simplified sound that soothes the immune system.

Elderly Canine includes 3-hours of calming classical piano music, specially designed to comfort your beloved dog in his senior years. With the addition of highly specific frequency modulation, Elderly Canine is geared towards your senior dog’s hearing sensitivity, and is the only therapeutic sound program designed specifically for mature dogs.

Bring some fun and joy to your pet household.

In settings of anxiety or tension, we can become entrenched in negative feedback patterns with our pets. Repeated misbehavior is met with anger, and afraid of the anger, they misbehave again. It’s a really common cycle we find ourselves in, but it can be broken by positively repatterning the old fears.

The upbeat, simplified music of iCalmDog Reggae puts everyone in a good mood; it’s an irresistible response to good music. iCalmDog Reggae features contemporary instrumentation–percussion, guitars, keyboards, and horns. Sophisticated software shifts upbeat rhythms into calming tempos while keeping the music sounding great! The effect: your dog settles while your household is bright and cheery.

Let happiness fill your pet household.

“It helps a lot! I adopted my baby Onyx when she was nearly 12 and had nowhere to go after her owner became very ill. I love her deeply but she has trust issues. Your music makes her feel calmer, so I can see myself holding her sometime down the line. She also has trouble falling asleep, something I’ve been told is quite common with older dogs who may feel a little lost or insecure at times, but with the music she settles down quite fast. She’s sleeping at my feet now looking like a little angel as the music plays 🙂
– Ana Tafur, Fernandina Beach, FL.

“I was skeptical, but my 12 year old Havanese was being overstimulated by my grandkids two week visit. I tried playing classical music as well as zen music, but nothing worked like this does. I guess it is the combination of selections, but the important thing to know is that this works! Plus, the sound that comes from this tiny speaker rivals my Bose! Worth every penny, I highly recommend this amazing product.
– Donna Melton, Oakland, OH.

“You can’t go wrong with iCalmDog products. Very soothing. Helps settle common senior anxiety.
– Danny Maggio, Idel, IA.

sooting classical music specially modulated for calming older dogs

Hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process; it inevitably happens to all mammals. Geriatric nerve degeneration in the cochlea is a natural process for dogs as young as 7-8 years of age. They often first begin to lose the middle to high pitch frequencies–think a whistle or a child’s squeal–with the rest of the frequencies following suit. It’s why most senior dogs don’t have the same tolerance for noise they did in their youth. The constant surprise and stress of noise registering differently begins to take its toll on the immune system of a senior dog, and a very natural reaction is to self-limit the amount of auditory or visual stimulation coming into the system. That is why senior dogs will often shut down in overstimulating sound environments, wander away, spook at normal noises, and pace restlessly.

Hearing loss is inevitable, but the stress of that loss doesn’t have to be.

The music of Elderly Canine is the first therapeutic music program for senior dogs that was specifically created to moderate the effects and pitches of sound that trouble them, and to focus entirely on the frequencies that calm. The higher frequencies of the pre-arranged piano music have been removed, so as not to arouse a senior dog’s nervous system. Additionally, significant frequency modulation takes place in the mid- and low-frequency range: the areas with the greatest relaxing impact. Essentially, by reducing or boosting the dosage of specific nutrients of sound, assimilation is made easier for a stressed or weakened senior dog. The music of Elderly Canine works to soothe their overstimulated and overburdened nervous system by using sound to communicate calmness.



iCalmDog Reggae music is soothing for dogs and people

iCalmDog Reggae was created from clinical research.

Researchers from University of Glasgow and the Scottish SPCA performed clinical testing with 38 dogs. Their research suggested that reggae music was successful in calming canines in the most stressed pet environment – the animal shelter. From a bioacoustic vantage point, the 2017 published findings from Scotland were not surprising. The right combination of tone, tempo, and pattern is key to effective sound therapy for mammals.

With reggae, there is a predominance of bass, which tends to discharge the nervous system. Tempos are basically slow and with iCalmDog Reggae, even slower. It’s composed of simple melodies and harmonies, thereby allowing quick pattern recognition that leads to passive hearing – great for calming the mind. All in all, reggae-style music contains ingredients perfect for canine relaxation. Through a Dog’s Ear has applied innovative arranging and studio techniques to make reggae music even more beneficial.

Why is fun important to healing the pet household? As a pet’s guardian, nothing is sadder than when the human/animal relationship becomes tattered. When something goes awry, be it pathological, environmental, or accidental–and we can’t find solutions to help our animals be comfortable in our human environs–it’s a heartbreaking time. iCalmDog Reggae may not be a magic wand for everything, but it sure creates a joyful environment that allows difficulties to dissipate and affectionate heart space to return.

icalmdog reggae music for dogs relaxing calming soothingWith iCalmDog Reggae, innovation meets fun. We know you’ll enjoy these joyful rhythms while your pups relax!


Use Elderly Canine / Reggae Bundle for...

  • Stronger noise masking
  • Focus on task
  • Bass soothes elderly & hearing-impaired dogs
  • Fun & healing
  • Keeps dogs calmer longer
  • Veterinary visits
  • Grooming time
  • Doggy daycare
  • Training classes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Calm and settle
  • Reactive/fearful issues
  • Fireworks, thunderstorms, construction, or loud noises
  • Crating during transportation
  • Crating at agility trials and other dog sport activities
  • Crating at dog shows
  • Excessive barking
  • Excitement with visitors

Enjoy a Sample

Massenet / Melody
Ready Roads
Steely Bay

Enjoy a Music Sample

J.S. Bach / Flute Sonata
Gossec / Tambourine

How iCalmPet music programs work

Music for pets provides simple calming sounds and can improve health and behavior. The over-arching psychoacoustic theory informing iCalmPet music is summed up in just two words — simple sound. This term refers to the process of minimizing intricate auditory information. iCalmPet music is intentionally selected, arranged, and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Clinical research on dogs, cats, and people have found that while we hear different frequency spectrums, the mammalian auditory system, that we share, functions basically the same. iCalmPet music is individually designed for each species, based on clinical research and supplemented by anecdotal feedback received since 2003. Music for the enhancement of animal function is both a growing science and art.

Multiple Listening Formats

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Download Available for download

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iCalm Micro SDs are high quality SanDisk 4 GB media.

CD Available on CD

Dust off that CD Player and load it with your dog’s favorite music!

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