Focus on Task (for People), 1-hr (Micro SD Card, Download)


When it’s time to get to work, your go-to is Focus on Task!

Focus on Task creates an environment that supports clear focus and greatly enhanced concentration. Slow tempos, gentle music, and occasional nature sounds create a ‘Body Relaxed’ condition through the process of rhythmic entrainment. The high spectrum sounds of flute, clarinet, and violins, harmonic-rich acoustical recordings, and subtle variations in rhythm and dynamics facilitate the state of ‘Mind Alert.’

Body Relaxed/Mind Alert

Big acknowledgement: Bulgarian psychiatrist Georgi Lasonov (1926-2012) is known as the father of Accelerated Learning. He discovered that music was an integral component in the psycho/physiologic state known as ‘Body Relaxed/Mind Alert.’ In this mind/body combination, concentration, memory, and imagination are sustained in a heightened state.

How to Use

All you have to do is listen and go to work. No special gear is needed. Gentle volumes are best for relaxing the nervous system.

Choose between micro SD sound card, CD, or Downloadable files to keep and play on your favorite devices.

Listen to Samples
Vivaldi / Largo from Viola d’Amore Concerto in D Minor – Interlude 2
Bach / Allegro assai from Violin Concerto #2
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About the Music

Alternating soundscapes of baroque music and nature sounds invigorate mental clarity and facilitate project attentiveness.

The music is the secret sauce of the iCalm systems. iCalmPet co-founder Joshua Leeds is an expert in psychoacoustics – the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system. He has been creating application-specific soundtracks since 1986, used in homes, clinics, classrooms, and animal care facilities around the world.

The music of Focus on Task was originally co-produced 1996-1999 by Joshua Leeds. It was during this time that he innovated psychoacoustic arrangement and recording techniques known as “tone, tempo, and pattern” that also successfully inform Through a Dog’s/Cat’s Ear recordings.

These original recordings feature a chamber ensemble, consisting of woodwinds (flute, clarinet, oboe) and string sections (violin, viola, cello, and bass). Occasionally, lovely and psychoacoustically-designed nature sounds are included.

The two programs of FOT are sound collages specifically designed to increase productivity using Body Relaxed/Mind Alert audio techniques.

The Tracks

Program 1 – Bach/Vivaldi w/Sounds of Nature  (29:45)

Program 2 – Corelli w/Sounds of Nature (29:22)

Total time: 59:07

Focus on Task will be available for streaming (Apple Music and Spotify) by autumn, 2018.

The music has been recorded on SanDisk 4-gb Micro SD chips, formatted for iCalm 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 players.

LISTEN to samples

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