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Free Therapeutic Music for You and for Rescues


Chloe – Rescued by Terri O’Connor from Border Collie Rescue Texas

The following blog is from my post on December 3, 2010.

I am a devout dog lover. So much so, that first thing every morning, I write on an index card, “By combining my passion for music with my love of dogs, I improve the lives of canines and people worldwide.” It is a statement I am deeply grateful to own and one that guides my daily decisions. It manifests itself in Through a Dog’s Ear, clinically researched auditory solutions for your dog’s anxiety problems. I’m a concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, and the recording artist on the Through a Dog’s Ear music series.

A few days ago, I was contacted by Border Collie Rescue Texas. They had just taken in 25 dogs from a horrendous hoarding situation. These dogs had never been with people, never been indoors, and now require extra professional expertise as they move into foster homes. My eyes filled with tears as  I read the email request for Through a Dog’s Ear CD’s to be used in recovery efforts. Contributing my music to dogs in this way means more to me than appearing on a concert stage.

After packaging 50 free CDs for the Border Collies, I pondered what else we could do to help other animal rescue organizations. Through a Dog’s Ear music now plays in over 125 shelters internationally. We always hear from grateful shelter managers about how much calmer and quieter the shelter environment is with the addition of our music. In addition to calming dogs, the quieter environment creates longer visiting times for people and often increases adoption rates.

Since our clinical research was conducted by vet neurologist Susan Wagner in 2004, quieter shelter environments do not surprise us. We found that our psychoacoustically designed sound tracks calms twice as effectively as ‘regular’ classical music. We provide Dog’s Ear music at cost to shelters while our wonderful publisher, Sounds True, provides free CD’s for the adopters of new shelter dogs.

At Through a Dog’s Ear, we know that the consideration of the sensory environment – be it in a shelter or your home – is critical to the long-term health of our animals. Humans have stress relief strategies at hand. Dogs and cats don’t have access to relaxation or anti-anxiety techniques.

TADE (Through a Dog’s Ear) is a socially conscious organization. We believe in the inter-connectedness of everything and understand the importance of giving back to our communities. Therefore, we are always looking for opportunities to benefit shelters, rescues, and non-profit organizations. In addition to our shelter program, our Get Paid with TADE program is designed to help raise money for non-profits.


Wanting to help more (and more….) dogs, the TADE team decided to create a very fun holiday party and contest. For seven days – from 12/6 thru 12/12 – we are giving away free downloads at Simultaneously, we are having a very fun word contest. Ten winners will choose their favorite animal rescue organization. We will send our 3 CD Calm your Canine series to these designated rescue organizations. The grand-prize winner will also receive a complete TADE 2010 Holiday Gift-Pak which includes seven CD’s and our Through a Dog’s Ear book.


If you want to play, make sure you log onto every day this week, starting Monday, 12/6. You’ll get FREE downloads for you and your canine household to enjoy. And, by entering our word contest, your favorite rescue organization will have the opportunity to receive our three CD Calm your Canine series. This music has helped calm thousands of dogs with anxiety issues including sound phobias (thunderstorms, fireworks, and even a tornado!), separation and automobile anxiety, fearful and reactive dogs, young rambunctious puppies, dogs in recovery from health issues, etc.

Play with us this week at the Dog’s Ear Take the High Road, Get the FREE Download seven-day party. Receive free music while helping your fave animal rescue org. It doesn’t get better than that!!

Thanks for commenting below and telling us about your favorite rescue org.

Happy holidays from the TADE team to your team!

(On a side note, I just heard from Sam Ford, executive director of Border Collie Rescue Texas. He just drove three of the BC’s to Illinois. Dog’s Ear music was played for them during transport and greatly helped settle nervous dogs on their long journey to foster homes. This is what I live for! I feel like my heart was with them along with my music!)


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  1. Hi there!
    I work for Friends For Life in Houston, TX. My Operations Manager asked that I check in with you to see if we are already registered with you as an approved shelter. We currently Through a Dog’s Ear Vol. 3 at our shelter and it makes a noticeable difference for the dogs here. We are wondering about obtaining different volumes to use here, as we are using Vol. 3 on repeat.
    Thank you so much!

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