Common questions about iCalmPet.

How do I start the music on my Ruff 'n Ready speaker?

To start the music, hold the power button down for about two seconds, until you hear the prompt. Then push the mode button (the one with the letter “M” on it) and this will start the music. You do not need to push the start/stop button.

How do I get the best life span out of my Ruff 'n Ready speaker?

Keep in mind that you will get the most life of your speaker if you have it at 60% of volume or less. While this may seem quiet to you, your dog or cat’s hearing is more sensitive than yours. Also, please see this link: https://icalmpet.com/customer-service/instructions/lithium-ion-battery-tips/

How do I change out an SD card in my Ruff 'n Ready Speaker?

Push in the SD card until the internal spring pops it out.

To insert the next SD card, make sure the bronze teeth are facing up and away from the yellow iCalmPet logo. It should insert smoothly, then push in until it catches and stays in the speaker.

How long does it take to charge the Ruff n' Ready speaker and how do I tell when it is fully charged?

The small red light lite next to the charging port will turn on when you plug it in. After about four hours it will turn off and this is your indication that it is fully charged.

What’s the difference between the dog, cat, and people players?

None besides the title. It’s the sound content that makes each player package species-specific. Our cat music is tuned differently than the dog’s, and the people soundtracks are completely different than any others. Think of the iCalm player as a juke box with easily interchangeable sound cards. One player; so many iCalm possibilities!

How do I know which music to buy?
We offer a variety of calming, stimulation and behavioral aid music including music designed to help with specific anxieties. We also offer music designed for puppies and for elderly pets. Email [email protected] for suggestions.
What is the difference between iCalmCat Calming and Through a Cat’s Ear: Music to Calm?
iCalmCat is an expanded three hours of calming music specially designed for cats. Also, it plays on auto-repeat on the  iCalmCat player. Through a Cat’s Ear Vol. 1 is 1 hour of music and only plays on auto repeat if your CD player is set up for that.
Can I use iCalmDog 5.0 myself, or is it only for pets?

Yes, there are many additional human benefits. You can pair the Bluetooth function with your mobile device and listen to any music you own or are streaming. (Just don’t tell Buster.)

Is the music different than iCalmDog 3.0?
No. It comes with the same beautiful 4-hours of clinically tested calming music.
If I have to exchange something that doesn’t work right, will I get the identical component in return?
Due to the fluidity of product procurement, iCalmPet.com reserves the right to substitute any iCalm component with a like component of same or higher value.
Do iCalm 5.0 Speakers come with a guarantee?
Yep, a full 60-day money-back guarantee.
Can I play cat calming music in the iCalmDog player?
Absolutely, in fact all of the sound cards we offer are compatible with all of the speakers! So you can listen to people, cat, and dog music all from any one of the speakers.

Music & Pets

What is the difference between your calming music for dogs and cats?
The use of Sonic Anchoring and Frequency Modulation (explained in detail below) in music for cats.

Recent research by Dr. C.A. Tony Buffington (2011, Ohio State University) reported a primary cause of feline interstitial cystitis (a leading cause of euthanasia) is stress! Change in the cat’s physical environment—strangers, different food, additional animals, loud noises, illness, etc.—is a major contributor. Cats prefer their homes to be stable and consistent. Acute feline stress turns into chronic irritation, manifesting in disease and behavioral challenges.

We bring consistency to cats through sonic anchoring in the music you play on a regular basis for your feline friend.

What if I have a Dog AND a Cat?

Dogs and cats alike often enjoy each other’s music. How can you tell? Observe your dogs and cats. Do they show any preference for either iCalmDog or iCalmCat? You can also mix it up and play both for both species.

Why do indoor cats need stimulation?

The purpose of stimulation is to provide sensory enrichment for indoor cats. Why is environmental enrichment important? Because without high sensorial activities, your indoor cat’s nervous system becomes chronically stressed. This leads to difficult behaviors and/or illnesses that impact the entire cat household.

Indoor cats are mostly secluded from their innate and vital activity– hunting! Consequently, they ironically fall prey to a slow and debilitating energy starvation resulting from this lack of sensory stimulation. Essentially, this deficit causes the feline nervous system to back up and backfire.

Conversely, the indoor cat’s feral cousins are always busy. Within a large territory, free-ranging cats are naturally curious, always exploring and hunting for food. Interaction with other cats is common, and feral cats are always on the lookout for dogs!

Outdoor cats are active. Indoor cats, however, usually have little to do, and passivity sets in. Sensory environments are known to shape nervous system organization from kitten age up to late-teens. In response to the desire for healthy and strong house cats, research of sensory stimulation to replace external input ramped up in the early 1990s. All signs since point to the importance of environmental enrichment to preserve optimal physical and mental feline health. As per The American Association of Feline Practitioners, “Many behavioral and physical disorders that are seen in cats are often secondary to stress from lack of appropriate stimulation.” These stress-induced illnesses and conditions include: obesity, aggression, compulsive disorders, and urinary tract or upper respiratory infections. These behaviors and conditions often lead to abandonment or euthanasia. This is not what cat owners want. So, what to do?

Environmental enrichment is the stimulation of the brain by physical and social surroundings. With indoor cats, enrichment strategies include animate interaction with other cats, dogs, and people, as well as the inanimate use of toys, physical space (high structures, textures, places to hide), and sensory input (eyes, ears, nose, taste).

In Cat Calming Music, our goal was to create calm—often in non- consistent environments. proven sonic techniques to slow primary body pulses.

In Stimulation, our goal is to arouse cognitive and physical function. Using the principles of resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification, we go in the opposite direction from Calming. In Stimulate, we employ high frequency instrumentation, complex melodic patterns, increasing tempos, and frequency modulation. It’s like Sonic Catnip for Kitty!

Why music for noise phobias?

The terror that results from noise phobias can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs and cats, but also for their owners who feel powerless to help.

Music/sound therapy as a desensitization tool will teach your pet to associate positive feelings with loud sounds rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your pet’s fear when exposed to loud sounds.

When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the behavioral modification protocols included with your Micro sound card, there is an excellent chance of rehabilitating your noise-phobic dog or cat and preventing noise-phobias from ever developing in younger animals as well.

I have a very sound sensitive dog. Which package is best for us?

iCalmDog 3.0 is designed for all sound sensitive dogs. No beeps when battery is low, no sound prompts, and no flashing lights. Works on even the most sensitive canine nervous system.

What are the sounds other than music on the sound cards?

Some of the sound cards have ambient noises or background noises used to train pets and desensitize them to these noises in daily life.

Some of the sound cards have training protocols during the first couple of minutes of playtime. These training protocols are intended to be used with the music in order for the training to work (for example, the Thunderstorms sound card has specific instructions for training your dog to not be afraid of thunderstorms).

The Sleep for People sound card has approximately 10 hours of silence attached after the music finishes playing. This is intentional, the music is designed to put you into a deep sleep and keep you there throughout the night.

Can I also use a computer to charge iCalmDog 5.0?

Yes, insert the larger connector into a standard USB port on your computer. Or simply use the adapter that comes with all iCalmDog packages.

Are the Micro sound cards compatible and solid with iCalmDog 5.0?

YES! The configuration and compatibility of our Micro SD sound cards with the player are uppermost in our iCalmDog system design. We use the highest quality media (SanDisk 4 GB micro sd card) that are rock solid and flawless in performance.

Will the battery life be affected by charging it before it is needed?

This is the best way to prolong the battery in the speakers. You want to charge it when the red light comes on and take it off the charger once the red light goes out.

My player doesn’t work anymore, can I replace it?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, we will refund the total cost minus the shipping cost. We also offer a one-year warranty. We will replace any defective products and accessories for free!

Can I play and charge simultaneously? Or keep the speaker charging all the time?

Yes, you have the option of playing and charging at the same time. However, similar to your cell phone, these portable speakers are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. If you keep your speaker plugged in all the time, then the battery does not charge and deplete. This may have an effect on the long-term efficiency of the battery.

I already have a battery charger from my 2.0. Will it work with iCalmDog 5.0?

Yes, battery charger (power banks) work with all iCalm models.

Will my Micro SD cards I purchased for iCalmDog 2.0 work with iCalmDog 5.0?

Yes, it should work just fine in the iCalmDog 3.0 and 4.0 models.

Will flash drives play on iCalmDog 4.0?

No. iCalmDog 1.0 is for flash drives. You can play flash drives on your computer or any device with a USB port and music player, but iCalmDog 4.0 reads Micro sound cards.

My speaker won’t charge anymore. What can I do?

This could be an easy fix. Unplug the USB charging cord from the wall adapter (the white block) and plug it into another USB port such as into a computer or laptop, or another wall adapter. Try to charge the speaker for an hour or so. If the speaker charges, then the problem is the adapter, email [email protected] and we will send you a replacement.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, then it may be the speaker itself. We offer a one-year warranty.

Pricing & Discounts
Are there coupons or bulk discounts?

Occasionally we send out coupons in our newsletter (especially around the holidays and also throughout the year). The best way to save is to subscribe to the newsletter using the form at the bottom of any page on our website.

We also have a wholesale program for savings on orders of 5 or more speakers, carry cases, and for orders of 20 or more CDs. Find more information and order forms here.

Is there a discount for shelters or rescues?

iCalmPet is a big supporter of non-profit shelters and rescues. We offer a free CD of calming music to non-profits with a fee of $5 to cover the shipping and handling to send the CD. More information and an application may be found at here.

Is there a shelter program for cats?

We do not have a shelter program specifically for cats; however, the shelter CD for dogs tends to have a calming effect on all species and would certainly calm cats as well.

Does iCalmPet accept guest writers and marketing services?

Currently, we do all our own marketing and content writing in-house.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at
[email protected] or call us
at +1 503-482-2134 (M-F, 9 AM-12 PM PT).

Still need help?
Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at
[email protected] or call us
at +1 503-482-2134 (M-F, 9 AM-12 PM PT).