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Music for enhancing feline cognition and playtime together!

Indoor cats are mostly secluded from their innate and vital activity– hunting! Consequently, they fall prey to a slow and debilitating energy starvation, resulting from this lack of sensory stimulation. Essentially, this deficit causes the feline nervous system to decline. Without the high sensorial activities that shaped their evolution, your indoor cat’s nervous system becomes out of balance and chronically stressed. This leads to difficult behaviors and/or illnesses that impact the entire cat household.

Stimulation uses music to fill their sensory quota and arouse the nervous system. From soft and slow to fun and fast, these soundtracks provide a high-frequency diet, adjusted to a cat’s ability to hear three times higher than humans. Instrumentation of these re-arranged classical tunes include piano, flute, and cello. Stimulation brings play to the cat household… a vitally important element for all domesticated cats.

Welcome to feline household bliss.

“Great pace to this music, even put a gitty-up in my step. Fab item..cats love it and run around the house.”
– Paul Sampugnaro, Cody, WY.

“Beautiful. My cat Cheexie loves it too. She rolls on her back from one side to the other end of our bed with all 4 her paws in the air.
– Irene Lawrence, UK.

“Very helpful! I bought this for my two cats but I think it lifted my spirits just as good. I suffer from severe depression and the music helped me to feel more energetic!
– Andy Griffins, Birmingham, AL.

“Terrific sequel to the first “Through a Cat’s Ear,” which was music for calming. It is wonderful to turn on during play time because it inspires and energize ME too, to offer my cats the activity they need!
– Cardi Mason, Rio, WS.

Great price for the product. Really seems to be helping our boarding cats.
– Wood County Humane Society, Bowling Green, OH.

music to stimulate indoor cats

Why is environmental enrichment important for cats?

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and pet professionals worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Cat’s/Dog’s Ear. The breakthrough research behind TADE shows that the mammalian nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound — and that special arrangements of classical music have a profound soothing impact on anxious pets. This clinically tested feline music is formulated for your cat’s healthy behavior, as well as your discerning ear.

Outdoor cats, like their ancient relatives, are active. Within a large territory, free-ranging cats are naturally curious, always exploring and hunting for food. Interaction with other cats is common, and ferals are always on the lookout for dogs! Indoor cats, however, are removed from those primal drives and with little to do, passivity sets in.

As per The American Association of Feline Practitioners, “Many behavioral and physical disorders that are seen in cats are often secondary to stress from lack of appropriate stimulation.”

Sensory environments are known to shape nervous system organization from young kitten to late-teens. In response to the desire for healthy and strong house cats, research of sensory stimulation to replace external input ramped up in the early 1990s. All signs since point to the importance of environmental enrichment to preserve optimal physical and mental feline health. With indoor cats, enrichment strategies include animate interaction with other cats, dogs, and people, as well as the inanimate use of toys, physical space (high structures, textures, places to hide), and sensory input (eyes, ears, nose, taste).

Stimulation is music designed to fill this sensory deficit for indoor cats. Our goal is to arouse cognitive and physical function. Using the principles of resonance, entrainment, pattern identification, we go in the opposite direction of Calming. This album employs high frequency instrumentation, complex melodic patterns, increasing tempos, and frequency modulation (“arousing” frequencies are enhanced, and “soothing” frequencies are decreased).

calming music for cats soothe kitty tunes

Use Stimulation for...

Enjoy a Sample

J.S. Bach / Flute Sonata
Gossec / Tambourine

Enjoy a Music Sample

J.S. Bach / Flute Sonata
Gossec / Tambourine

How iCalmPet music programs work

Music for pets provides simple calming sounds and can improve health and behavior. The over-arching psychoacoustic theory informing iCalmPet music is summed up in just two words — simple sound. This term refers to the process of minimizing intricate auditory information. iCalmPet music is intentionally selected, arranged, and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Clinical research on dogs, cats, and people have found that while we hear different frequency spectrums, the mammalian auditory system, that we share, functions basically the same. iCalmPet music is individually designed for each species, based on clinical research and supplemented by anecdotal feedback received since 2003. Music for the enhancement of animal function is both a growing science and art.

Multiple Listening Formats

Download Available for download

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CD Available on CD

Dust off that CD Player and load it up with your dog’s favorite music

Micro SD Available on Micro SD Sound Card

iCalmPet Micro SDs – easily interchangeable memory cards used in any device with a Micro SD port

Download Available for download

Quickly download iCalmPet programs directly onto your digital devices

Micro SD Available on Micro SD Sound Card

iCalm Micro SDs are easily interchangeable memory cards used in devices with a Micro SD port (or regular SD port with adaptor). In addition to iCalm Speakers, other compatible devices include SD-enabled MP3 players, portable speakers, computers, etc.

iCalm Micro SDs are high quality SanDisk 4 GB media.

CD Available on CD

Dust off that CD Player and load it with your dog’s favorite music!

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