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It’s all about the music.

Since 2008, the music of Through a Dog’s Ear has been used in homes, clinics, and shelters around the world. These beautiful classical arrangements are specially designed to calm dogs and the people that love them.

All dogs are highly receptive and sensitive to sound. They hear twice as many frequencies as people, at a capability over four times our own! It’s no wonder that so many dogs struggle to adapt to living in our noisy human environment. So we created a solution that relaxes their overstimulated nervous system, through the use of simple sound. This clinically tested music lets them slip into a settled state of rest – without drugs, CBD, or intensive training. The music of Calm Your Canine relieves separation anxiety, masks sound phobias, quiets barking, and ultimately lets your pup find their zen.

Bring some fun and joy to your pet household with the upbeat, simplified music of iCalmDog Reggae. It puts everyone in a good mood—an irresistible response to good music. iCalmDog Reggae features contemporary instrumentation–percussion, guitars, keyboards, and horns. Sophisticated software shifts upbeat rhythms into calming tempos while keeping the music sounding great! The effect: your dog settles while your household is bright and cheery.

Human-Animal Bond is sensory enrichment for dogs and their people, when you’re all home together. It’s beautiful music keeps humans focused, dogs calm, and everybody connected. This rich tapestry of sound facilitates a state of awakened awareness in people – leading to creativity and/or productivity – while simultaneously providing a canine relaxation response in your dog. Herein, sophisticated sound therapy meets canine behavioral training. The music has the tone, tempo, and patterns necessary to gently stimulate the human brain while keeping two- and four-legged heart rates in a relaxed state.

Let happiness and calm fill your pet household.

“The music that I hear is not only calming to animals, but it is also calming to children and adults. It can help anyone or any animal get a good nights sleep. Just listening to it is very calming. You can’t go wrong.” – Emily Boliver, Asheville, NC

Just wanted to pass on how much everyone in my household is loving the new Reggae sound track. Of course, the real test is when my dog has one of his anxiety attacks! My dog is a rescue with quite a few issues so with him we have to do a combination of things to calm him down. When we played the Reggae music for the first time he started wagging his tail, sighed and laid on his bed. But what really amazed me was the reaction of my parrots. One of them has a noise phobia and will shake his head when he hears music. He sat on top of his cage just looking in the direction from where the music was coming from. The other parrot, who although is quite small, can be very loud. He, too, was listening to the music and was very quiet.
– Aline Murphy, Metairie, LA

“I was at a party where we all bring our dogs along. They were a few feet away, but on the other side of a mesh fence, so they could see us. While chatting and eating, the dogs were whining and barking, wanting to be with us. I popped in this album to a CD player. A few minutes later, I calmly told everyone to turn around and look at the dogs. They were all lying down and calmly enjoying each other’s company. Amazing!
– Pri Bakashi, Warwick, NY

dog calming music to reduce canine anxiety

Music as beautiful as it is effective.

The sensory environments that dogs live in can have huge impacts on their personality, perception, and tolerances for years to come. To have the calm, well-adjusted dog of our dreams, we must pay attention to and create a peaceful sonic environment where their nervous system can find a relaxed state. To fully understand the intersection of sound and the canine relaxation response, we spent 5 years researching this topic, far before we produced our first album, Calm Your Canine, in 2008. Through a Dog’s Ear teamed up with veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner to develop and hone a unique understanding of how the canine ear can be soothed with specific patterns and frequencies. Using that insight, we created music shown to be twice as effective for soothing dogs as conventional classical selections. calm your canine is dog calming music that works The science proves it: studies show these solo piano classical arrangements reduced anxiety behavior and induced calmness in 70% of dogs in shelters or kennels, and 85% of dogs in households! Our goal was to make music as beautiful as it is effective. Calm Your Canine delivers that perfect union. Soothing solo piano soundtracks have been specially re-arranged to synchronize with the natural rhythms of a relaxed mammalian nervous system. Music that you can enjoy with your furry companion—and, most importantly, will help your best friend live a happier, healthier, and well-adjusted life.


iCalmDog Reggae music is soothing for dogs and people

iCalmDog Reggae was created from clinical research.

Researchers from University of Glasgow and the Scottish SPCA performed clinical testing with 38 dogs. Their research suggested that reggae music was successful in calming canines in the most stressed pet environment – the animal shelter. From a bioacoustic vantage point, the 2017 published findings from Scotland were not surprising. The right combination of tone, tempo, and pattern is key to effective sound therapy for mammals.

With reggae, there is a predominance of bass, which tends to discharge the nervous system. Tempos are basically slow and with iCalmDog Reggae, even slower. It’s composed of simple melodies and harmonies, thereby allowing quick pattern recognition that leads to passive hearing – great for calming the mind. All in all, reggae-style music contains ingredients perfect for canine relaxation. Through a Dog’s Ear has applied innovative arranging and studio techniques to make reggae music even more beneficial.

Why is fun important to healing the pet household? As a pet’s guardian, nothing is sadder than when the human/animal relationship becomes tattered. When something goes awry, be it pathological, environmental, or accidental–and we can’t find solutions to help our animals be comfortable in our human environs–it’s a heartbreaking time. iCalmDog Reggae may not be a magic wand for everything, but it sure creates a joyful environment that allows difficulties to dissipate and affectionate heart space to return.

With iCalmDog Reggae, innovation meets fun. We know you’ll enjoy these joyful rhythms while your pups relax!


Music for the human-animal-bond brings sensory enrichment for pets and people

Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slow and simplified classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. This clinically tested canine music is not only for your discerning ear, but more importantly, your dog’s calm behavior.

Human-Animal Bond was created with that principle especially in mind, as it is music for dogs and their people at home together. The American Veterinary Medical Association defines the human-animal bond as:

music for dogs and their people“A mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment.”

We want to create as healthy a space for our animals as we possibly can. This includes a well-considered sonic environment where unnatural sounds are diminished and where the soundscape takes into account the nervous system of the dog, as well as the human. When you’re also at home, you want music that is going to keep your pooch settled, yet keep you from snoozing, too!

Behavior Tip: This recording is best used when there are no anxiety issues present or expected in your dog. If there are stressful situations taking place (such as sound phobias, separation anxiety, excitement with visitors, or post- surgical recovery) we highly recommend that you play Calm Your Canine or any of the specific training programs. In that situation, Human-Animal Bond may be too active for a highly sensitive dog.


Use Calm Your Canine / Reggae / Human-Animal Bond Bundle for...

  • Stronger noise masking
  • Focus on task
  • Bass soothes elderly & hearing-impaired dogs
  • Fun & healing
  • Keeps dogs calmer longer
  • Veterinary visits
  • Grooming time
  • Doggy daycare
  • Training classes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Calm and settle
  • Reactive/fearful issues
  • Fireworks, thunderstorms, construction, or loud noises
  • Crating during transportation
  • Crating at agility trials and other dog sport activities
  • Crating at dog shows
  • Excessive barking
  • Excitement with visitors
  • Relaxing at home together

Enjoy a Sample

Vivaldi / Winter-Largo (Calm Your Canine)
Ready Roads (Reggae)
Schumann / Träumerei (Human-Animal Bond)

Enjoy a Music Sample

J.S. Bach / Flute Sonata
Gossec / Tambourine

How iCalmPet music programs work

Music for pets provides simple calming sounds and can improve health and behavior. The over-arching psychoacoustic theory informing iCalmPet music is summed up in just two words — simple sound. This term refers to the process of minimizing intricate auditory information. iCalmPet music is intentionally selected, arranged, and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Clinical research on dogs, cats, and people have found that while we hear different frequency spectrums, the mammalian auditory system, that we share, functions basically the same. iCalmPet music is individually designed for each species, based on clinical research and supplemented by anecdotal feedback received since 2003. Music for the enhancement of animal function is both a growing science and art.

Multiple Listening Formats

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Download Available for download

Quickly download iCalmPet programs directly onto your digital devices

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iCalm Micro SDs are easily interchangeable memory cards used in devices with a Micro SD port (or regular SD port with adaptor). In addition to iCalm Speakers, other compatible devices include SD-enabled MP3 players, portable speakers, computers, etc.

iCalm Micro SDs are high quality SanDisk 4 GB media.

CD Available on CD

Dust off that CD Player and load it with your dog’s favorite music!

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