Canine Noise Phobia: Thunderstorms (CD)

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  • Does your dog suffer from a fear of thunderstorms?
  • Does her anxiety level increase when storm clouds roll in?
  • Does he run for cover under your bed?

No more hiding and shaking for your thunder-phobic dog.This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with fireworks rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds.


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The creators of Through a Dog’s Ear have collaborated with Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, and developed the Canine Noise Phobia Series.

CNP is an innovative desensitization training tool that combines three distinctive elements for the treatment and prevention of sound-sensitivities and noise-phobias:

  • progressive sound effects (distant/close)
  • specially-designed psychoacoustic music (Through a Dog’s Ear)
  • reward-based reinforcement protocols (Victoria Stilwell)

The Canine Noise Phobia Series can be used in two distinctive ways:

  1. Habituation: To help prevent your puppy or dog from developing fears or phobias to thunderstorms.
  2. Desensitization: To help your dog overcome an already-established fear or phobia of thunderstorms.

Thunderstorm phobia is a very common condition among dogs all over the world. The terror that results can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs, but also for their owners who feel powerless to help.

Victoria-Stilwell-profileThis groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with thunderstorms rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds.

When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the behavioral modification protocols included with your micro card, there is an excellent chance of rehabilitating your thunder-phobic dog and preventing thunder-phobia from ever developing in younger dogs.

Training protocols for Thunderstorms have been created by Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, and author of Train Your Dog Positively.

An adjoining booklet contains Victoria’s positive reinforcement training protocol. The goal is to reframe your dog’s perception of the sounds of thunder and associate these sounds with a calm feeling.

Read more about noise phobias and stress.

Read more about Victoria Stilwell.

CD, 46 minutes, 20-page training booklet
Published by BioAcoustic Research & Development

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2 reviews for Canine Noise Phobia: Thunderstorms (CD)

  1. Nan

    I had been purchasing the early Through a Dog’s Ear CDs for my GSD-mix and my Greyhound, and came across the Noise Phobia series. My greyhound was so traumatized by loud noises and storms. She was adopted out then re-rescued and I fear she had suffered in her past life. Storms sent her into hiding in the bathtub, under the stairs. Knowing how well the other CDs work in keeping them relaxed on a normal day, I bought this series. Follow the instructions to introduce them a gentle sound of the noise. Over time, this worked brilliantly for her. She was always fearful (you can’t erase 6 ½ years), but grew much less so. It truly helped relieve her stress during storms and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you!

  2. Melanie

    We started to practice with the Thunderstorm CD, following the instructions provided. We see that our dogs are calmer than before. Today I started to feed them, while listening to the Thunderstorms CD. Both dogs were absolutely concentrated on me. They had no fear of the thunder sounds! We are so thankful that this music exists and that you helped us to make our dogs calm. Thank you very much!

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