The Human–Animal Bond is a Circle

In 2003, the same year Through a Dog’s Ear began, animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell wrote a great book entitled, The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs.

Dr. McConnell’s perceptive thinking really impacted us. Lisa and I realized that no matter how calm an environment our music created for pets – if the mood, stress, or emotional energy emanating from a pet’s 2-legged was aggravated, the pets would be touched, as well. Our animals are so sensitive; almost involuntarily tuned to us.

So from the other end of the leash vantage point, a good question to ask is… what’s the resonance that WE bring into our pet households?

When the iCalmPet team started thinking about this, we decided it would be good to provide musical remedies for pet people, too! This music is made specifically for your human nervous system.

The tones, tempos, and patterns have been well-planned to help you relax, sleep, or concentrate. The cooler you are, the calmer your animals will be.

I’ve been producing application-specific soundtracks for people since 1986. The music you’ll hear on DeStress, Sleep, and Focus on Task comes from my archives. The psychoacoustic principles I employed back in the day – tone, tempo, and pattern – are not only relevant, but the need greater than ever.

– Joshua Leeds
iCalmPet CEO and producer
Author, The Power of Sound and Through a Dog’s Ear

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