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iCalmDog Reggae: 29 Surveyed Customers Transformed Our Belief

We knew iCD Reggae would work––it’s based on the same scientific and bioacoustic principles as our time tested classical music––we just didn’t know exactly how it would bring calm. It’s mostly drums and bass guitar for heaven’s sake!

So we sent out a survey to 29 random customers to learn how it was working in their households, and we heard stories like these:

  • “I enjoy dancing with them to the Reggae music. We have fun”
  • “As the moods of the people change, the dogs are positively affected”
  • “My 4 month puppy stays active but in a calmer, less destructive way”
  • “This music is focusing and invigorating”
  • “Abby has a neurological disorder, but she crawls when I play Reggae for her, I love it”
  • “I really enjoy the reggae and my dogs are settling quicker in the car”
  • “I’ve noticed my mood remains steady and uplifted”
  • “Definitely more effective with the older dogs as I feel the bass is felt as much as it is heard”

These comments share a common thread. A story of dogs who are stressed, but when fun music comes on, suddenly their owners are groovin’ to the upbeat tunes and the whole household gets lighter and happier. The music is collectively relaxing everyone’s nervous systems.

This is the healing power of having fun together:

  • It rewires patterns of fear and stress.
  • It allows you to remember the joy and love from first bringing that furry little bundle into your home.
  • It returns your family to a space of calm and connection.

Healing pet families is why we do what we do.

We’re so thrilled and proud to bring you iCalmDog Reggae, music that brings joy back to your relationships.

♥️ iCalmPet



And fill your house with some groovy fun!