Noise Phobias, 1-hr (Micro SD Card, CD, Download)


Noise Phobias is a sonic inoculation for Kitty, designed to help cats who are fearful of common household and outdoor sounds.

No more resorting to pharmaceuticals when your kitten or adult cat stops eating during your home remodel or leaves unwanted piles when friends visit. Now you have a humane way to help noise-phobic Kitty. But, that’s not all. Noise Phobias also helps prevent noise phobia from ever developing.
Choose between micro SD sound card, audio CD, or Downloadable files to keep and play on your favorite devices.

Listen to Samples
Rachmaninoff / Vocalise (w/ visitors)
Gounod / Berceuse (w/ laundry)



Repeated playing of Noise Phobias will gently introduce Kitty to common noises. Intermixed with bio-acoustically designed classical piano arrangements, these sound effects will accustom and acclimate your cat to common household and outdoor sounds. The 1-hour of soundtrack comes on a micro SD sound card that plays (on auto-repeat if left unattended) on Kitty’s iCalmCat.

Household/outdoor sound effects include:

• Visitors
• Fireworks
• Laundry/dishwashers
• Thunderstorms
• Renovation
• Traffic

When is Noise Phobias needed?

Repeated playing of Noise Phobias for iCalmCat may assist older cats who are already reactive to certain sounds. Regardless of age, we strive to build a conditioned response of positive association.

Kitty will come to recognize and remember these sounds as part of a peaceful home environment. When actually confronted with these sounds without the music, there will be recollection, but without fear. Kitty will be purring during construction sounds before you can say meow.

Combining Noise Phobias with Calming

Consider the iCalmCat series as an adjunct to wonderful enrichment programs. Used together, you can exercise Kitty’s innate animal instincts while keeping her safe and sound — purring on the corner of your bed and chasing your playful toes.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × .25 in
Pick Your Format Option

Micro SD Sound Card (1-hr) $24.95, CD (1-hr) $17.98, Download (1-hr) $10.00


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