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Calming Dog Products and Calming Dog Music

iCalmDog 5.0m Limited Edition

The iCalmDog’s newest lines of speakers – the 5.0m Limited Edition! Compact, sleek, and portable, these speakers make it easy to keep your dog relaxed anywhere – at home, car rides to vet visits, you name it. Simply turn them on and enjoy hours of bioacoustically-arranged classical calming dog music. The speakers are Bluetooth enabled and come with an external speaker cable, so you can use them for your music too!

They play on auto-repeat at a full charge for approximately 6-hours and come with a Power Bank providing an additional 20+ hours, so leave it turned on while you’re away for the day and come home to a calm pet.

These speakers play any of the iCalmPet micro SD sound cards. Mix and match music albums designed specifically for cats, dogs, and people too!

iCalmDog Music Programs – Calming Dog Music by Through a Dog’s Ear

The iCalmDog music is veterinary-tested and approved. The Calm Your Canine Music is included in most of our iCalmDog packages (with the exception of the à la carte Player), and is a great place to start your iCalmDog music collection.

iCalmDog Accessories

iCalmDog is conveniently portable, but these universal charging accessories make calming dog music even more accessible. iCalmDog is great to place in the car or crate for long trips, and with the battery charger, you can travel worry-free knowing that the speaker will still be playing when you reach your destination.

Music and Training CDs – Calming Dog Music by Through a Dog’s Ear

Multiple CD Packages


The Through a Dog’s Ear book was published in 2008. Co-authored by Veterinary Neurologist, Susan Wagner, and iCalmPet co-founder, Joshua Leeds, TADE is about how our dog’s handle sensory information and what we can do to make their lives, within our human environment, easier and more natural. Includes detailed information about the clinical testing of  Through a Dog’s Ear music in 2004-05. An introductory music CD is included.